A Simple Brunch for a Special Friend


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Savoring some one-on-one time with someone who goes back with me a long, long time.

Like so long ago we sewed clothes for Barbie when she came dressed in only her iconic 60’s black and white v-striped swimsuit. (Very slimming!) Like learning dance steps to a 45, stocking footed, on an immaculate linoleum floor in her basement by the deep freeze. Like being matron of honor in Nancy’s wedding after she was maid of honor in mine. Like sharing a million inside jokes.

It was our 50th high school reunion and a packed weekend so carving out a time for just the two of us was a high priority! We celebrated over simple food made to look like a special occasion. (Because it was.)

The bitty individual bouquets were a few stems snipped from my garden and displayed simply in glass bottles rescued from a chem lab.

I made the dilly bread the night before. The recipe was one from her mom, a fabulous cook. Here’s the link I shared months ago. Millie’s Dilly Bread. You will only need a bowl and spoon. No mixer, no kneading. The only difference is that I baked it in a loaf pan so we could toast it.

For the rest, you won’t even need a recipe!

Brown some small sausage patties, no more than 3″-4″ across. Patty out your own or buy some ready for the pan. Keep warm.

Whisk eggs (I used 5 for the two of us) and add about one tablespoon of creamed, full fat small curd cottage cheese per egg and some parsley for color. A special brunch is not the time to fret over calories. In a non-stick skillet, melt about a teaspoon of butter per egg and cook slowly over low heat until just set.

Crush a handful of very thin, light tortilla chips on a plate and spoon eggs on top. Add your favorite salsa and finely shredded Mexican style cheese.

Toast dilly bread and slather with a generous amount of butter. Put sausage patties and toast on plate and serve along with some fresh fruit. Pour up a mimosa and eat while reminiscing and getting caught up on family and friends. Pairs well with laughter and salt from a few tears.

Mimosas are a festive but insanely simple drink that’s one part champagne, one part orange juice. Make plenty, it’s a perfect accompaniment to this menu.

And that’s it! Share at the kitchen table, linger as long as you can and repeat as often as possible. Remember, there’s no friend like an old friend. Someone who knows all about you and still likes you!!

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