Cakes can be simple or fancy. A cake can become a sheet cake, a layer cake, an angel food cake,e or a bundt cake. Poke a cake or fill one with caramel, chocolate, pudding, or fruit sauce. Top a cake with frosting, glaze, whipped cream, or fruit! A delicious cake is an ultimate finale to a festive meal. Cakes can celebrate a birthday, welcome a new baby, or mark a milestone event like graduation, retirement, or confirmation. Celebrate even the most average night with a cake and you will be a popular hostess!

rhubarb poke cake
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Beautiful Rhubarb Poke Cake Recipe


Great Cooks use what’s in season for delicious results! Today let’s make a rhubarb poke cake! Right now rhubarb is plentiful! The tangy stalks can be made into seemingly endless goodies from jam to sauces, breads, pies, and desserts. Here’s a striking cake that looks great from every angle! In […]

banana cake, slice removed
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Purple Ribbon Banana Cake


Once upon a time, there were three ripe bananas staring at me. How did I let that happen again? I viewed them as a challenge! Banana cake, and double layer to boot! What made me decide to make an elaborate banana cake? Bananas, too ripe to eat. I absolutely love […]

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Triple Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake


Triple Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe I have a riddle for you. What’s better than chocolate? Can you guess? For my mom, my friend Cindy, and my brother Stan there can only be one answer. That’s right. More chocolate. What’s better than that? Even more chocolate. For all you chocoholics, […]

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Chocolate, Coconut, “Almond Enjoy” Poke Cake


This whole Poke Cake thing is driving me crazy! So many possibilities! Our grandson Mitch just completed his third semester of college and is HOME FOR A WHOLE MONTH! Christmas break! We’re so excited to have him back we’re dancing! It’s crazy. You see, our whole family lives in the […]

dense, moist apple cake
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Best Ever Fresh Apple Cake Recipe


Fresh apple cake is synonymous with fall, isn’t it? Many years ago, my husband’s Grandma Frieda Haeker passed along her special recipe. I chased her down after a family get-together to get it. I look back with so much fondness to the days when families gathered more often. Depending on […]

GB's Candy Bar Poke Cake Recipe
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GB’s Candy Bar Poke Cake Recipe


I decided to see just how easily I could bang out a great tasting poke cake that’s quick! And, I wanted it to taste like the popular candy bar with the name that actually rhymes with quicker. 😉 So chocolate, caramel and peanuts, right? I mean, does it get any better?  […]