Cookies are a universal food and a treat everyone understands! Sugar cookies, molasses cookies, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin or chocolate chip, cookies make a welcome snack or lunch box prize! Call them snickerdoodles, hermits or monster cookies, gingersnaps, lebkuchen, macaroons, spritz, or rum balls. Some cookies are even no bake! No matter what time of year, cookies mean love, can dry a tear or make a cup of coffee or a tall glass of cold milk an event.

chocolate peppermint bar with bite
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How To Make Chocolate Peppermint Hurry Up Bars


Chocolate and peppermint are an unbeatable combination. The taste always says Christmas! I had some precious cooking-baking time with our granddaughter Baylie this week. She’s home from college. We made some fancy cookies. The recipes were from some of my favorite food bloggers and they turned out fantastic. Here’s the […]

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Busy Day Lemon Bars Easy And Crazy Good


This recipe for lemon bars made me think back to YEARS ago when our girls were in high school. I was a working mom and perpetually in a rush. I started baking what I called “idiot cookies.” (Credit to Peg Bracken’s snarky humor in her “I Hate to Cook” cookbook.) […]