Pies! A feast for the tummy and for the eyes! Filled with apples, peaches, pumpkin, chocolate, lemon, coconut, or peanut butter, almost everyone has a favorite pie! Purple ribbon pie crust, mile high meringue, whipped cream or struesel, pies are a universal language! What holiday would be complete without a beautiful pie? Top with ice cream or a slice of cheddar cheese. There’s just one thing to say to pie, “Yes, please!!”

take a bite of French Silk Pie
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French Silk Pie. An American Classic Since 1951


Is French Silk Pie really French? No!! It’s as American as can be. French silk pie is not filled with a pudding, but instead a chocolate mousse consisting of eggs, chocolate, sugar, and butter. (The four basic food groups for dessert!) The name is perfect because this pie really does have the texture of […]