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chicken curry
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How To Make Chicken Curry In A Hurry


An idea for a quick and easy chicken curry recipe with rice popped into my head last week. I had just posted a recipe for the egg curry I grew up with. I think some folks were skeptical. The truth is, egg curry has been around for a long, long […]

baked turkey tetrazzini

How To Make The Best Ever Turkey Turkey Tetrazzini


Turkey used two times in the title is not a typo. Because THIS turkey tetrazzini has so much rich turkey flavor there’s no other way to describe it. Turkey tetrazzini was one of my first cooking experiences. Even though I began cooking and baking when I could see over the […]

corn chowder

Comforting Corn Chowder With Russet Potatoes


Corn chowder is one of those things that makes me smile when I remember it. Our mom made it for supper when we were growing up, probably at the end of the groceries and the grocery budget for the week. We sure didn’t realize it. I just thought, yay! Corn […]