Classic Bruschetta You Can Make In Minutes


Bruschetta! My daughter and I fell in love with this incredible substance the first time we tasted it in a tiny upstairs Italian restaurant in Philadephia years ago. The kitchen was steps away from our table. Was it authentic? Well, The chefs argued in Italian! We nibbled it and thoughtfully […]

supper's ready
Main Dish

“Newlywed” Beef and Bean Skillet


This simple, favorite dish has stood the test of (a very long) time. Why did I call it “Newlywed” Beef and Bean Skillet? Well, two reasons. It has more of a ring to it than “hamburger and beans” does and we ate a LOT of it when we were newlyweds. […]

Main Dish

Tex Mex Skillet with Cornbread Topping


A complete meal that’s tasty and satisfying. Only one pan to wash and so darn good you’ll want to make it again and again!! One pan? It doesn’t get much better than that!! I’ve been thinking about food or reading about food or making food for as long as I […]

salt and vinegar cucumbers
Side Dishes

Salt and Vinegar Cucumbers


Salt and Vinegar Cucumbers start with firm, fresh slicing cucumbers. My absolute favorite is an English cucumber which is sometimes called a “burpless” cucumber. However, almost any good “cuke” will work! Cucumbers Have Been Cultivated For Centuries These glossy green cylinders were first cultivated over 3000 years ago in India […]

dilled carrots
Side Dishes

Dilled Carrots, a Family Favorite

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Whenever there’s a family get-together, our grandkids ask for these. (And their moms are glad.) Aren’t they awesome kids? This was taken Easter Sunday at our place. I can’t remember when I invented this dish but it was back on the farm when their moms were little. It’s become a […]

Main Dish

Speedy Skillet Stroganoff

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For those days when suppertime sneaks up on you! Eek! Is it 5:30 already? Here in Nebraska we have breakfast, lunch and supper! Or, on the farm it was breakfast, dinner, and supper. Back in the day, the biggest meal (dinner) was served at mid-day often followed by a little […]

Side Dishes

Why I’m Obsessed with Scalloped Corn.


Because it has a magical ability to make everything look better! So, serve it on a tough-day-at-work or a bad-report-card night. Every family has a beloved dish. This is one of our favorites. If my husband comes home extra tired or has had a tough day, this always makes him […]