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How To Make Amazing Kraut Salad

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Last Modified: February 2, 2024
Published: February 2, 2024

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Colorful And Delicious Sauerkraut Salad

kraut salad

Sauerkraut salad may seem like an unlikely idea. Wait, isn’t sauerkraut something that goes on bratwurst? The answer is yes! However, when you combine sauerkraut with crispy, colorful veggies and one surprise ingredient in a tangy marinade, something amazing and magic happens.

Sauerkraut is finely cut raw cabbage that has been fermented. It has a long shelf life and a distinctive sour flavor, resulting from the lactic acid formed when bacteria ferment the sugars in the cabbage leaves. It is one of the best-known national dishes in Germany.

Here’s your language lesson for today! The word sauerkraut comes from the German words “sauer” and “kraut,” meaning sour cabbage. The word “sauer” in German also means acidic, so the German term for “cabbage fermented by lactic acid” is perfectly descriptive.

This all may make you think sauerkraut originated in Germany. But in fact, it’s another invention of the Chinese! Two thousand years ago, they fermented cabbage in rice wine!

Sauerkraut is made from cabbage, the same vegetable that stars in coleslaw. But when cabbage is fermented to become sauerkraut, it becomes something more. It’s versatile and tastes great, but sauerkraut is a well-known “superfood.” In fact, it’s one of the top-ranked foods recommended for a healthy diet.

Sauerkraut is low in calories and loaded with folate, vitamin B6, riboflavin, thiamin, and vitamins C and K. Read on for more amazing health benefits of eating sauerkraut!

If you want the highest nutrition and maximum benefits of probiotics, select fresh sauerkraut from the refrigerated section. Probiotics are destroyed when kraut is heat-processed. In addition, choose sauerkraut made without vinegar. Cabbage and salt should be the only ingredients listed.

How To Make This Incredibly Colorful Tasty Kraut Salad

Everything in this salad is fresh, raw, colorful, and delicious! It’s a thing of beauty to watch it come together. First, I dumped the bag of fresh refrigerated sauerkraut, undrained, in a large bowl.

I used red, green, and yellow peppers, plus chopped carrots to add punch. The surprise ingredient? A crisp apple, unpeeled and chopped, is the lone fruit in the mix, but it sure adds a bright touch of flavor!

To my eyes, this kraut salad was becoming an artful composition! Celery added more crunch, and sweet onion helped marry all the flavors. Use red onion if you like for even more color!

Now, make a simple dressing of sugar, vinegar, oil, salt, and pepper. I heated the vinegar and oil on the stove and stirred until the sugar was completely dissolved. Then I added the oil, salt, and pepper, cooled it, and poured the dressing over the veggies.

This kraut salad improves as it marinates in the fridge. For maximum flavor, wait a day or two before you eat it. (I know, it’s tempting!) But remember, it will stay crisp and fresh in the refrigerator for two weeks or more. It’s a great side dish, perfect with brats or pulled pork. You might even use it as a topping for burgers, brats, or hot dogs!

I doubled the recipe when I made it because the kraut came in a 32-ounce bag. It was a holiday weekend, and I wanted to share it. If there were any leftovers, we’d still have lots of time to enjoy them at home!

Yield: 8 servings

Amazing Kraut Salad

kraut salad

A crisp, tangy, colorful salad that's loaded with fresh veggies! So good and so good for you!! Make it anytime, and it's extra good in the summer when fresh garden produce is abundant! It's perfect for picnics because there's no mayo!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 1 day
Total Time 1 day 20 minutes


Salad Ingredients

  • 16 ounces of refrigerated sauerkraut, do not drain
  • 1/2 cup carrot, finely chopped
  • 1 cup celery, diced
  • 1 cup bell peppers, chopped (I used red, yellow, green, and red peppers)
  • 1/3 cup sweet onion, chopped
  • One crisp apple, unpeeled, chopped. (I used a Fuji apple.)


  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper


  1. Place the undrained sauerkraut into a large glass or plastic bowl.
  2. Chop and add all the vegetables and the apple to the sauerkraut.
  3. Combine vinegar and sugar in a saucepan and heat on the stove until sugar is all dissolved.
  4. Add the oil, salt, and pepper.
  5. Cool to room temperature and pour over the salad ingredients.
  6. Stir to combine everything thoroughly.
  7. Cover and refrigerate for at least 24 hours before serving.
  8. This salad keeps for two weeks or more in the refrigerator.

We love salads, and they really add so much to mealtime. Every time I have a great salad with dinner, I think I should have one at every meal! Here are a couple of our favorites. Danish Cucumber Salad and Old School Cottage Cheese Salad.

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