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comfort food in a hurry
Main Dish

Mmm, Mmm! GB’s Go-to Meatloaf Dinner!


Many, ok – many, many years ago, I found a meatloaf recipe on a box of Quaker oatmeal. Over time, I’ve tweaked it and scrambled when I was out of something and it’s become my go-to recipe. The epiphany that I could make it in the microwave was a game changer and that’s when I added the sauce to keep it from looking like, well, like hamburger cooked in a microwave. “Greige” is the color that would best describe it. Not pretty. That’s why the sauce happened and it made this meatloaf sing!

Lunch, Sandwiches

Do-Ahead Busy Day Oven Bunwiches


Years ago I did a little work for a gal who told me about these little marvels. She called them “Andy’s Sandwiches” because every time her grandson came home from college he’d root around in the freezer for some of these tasty bunwiches.