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7 Fast Fantastic Meals You Can Have On The Dinner Table In Under An Hour

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Last Modified: April 21, 2021
Published: April 21, 2021

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fabulous chicken cutlets

Yes! Fast, fantastic meals are possible, folks. Mealtime rolls around with alarming regularity. How often has 5:00 sneaked up on you and found you scratching your head!? Here's a collection of delicious meals that give an entirely new meaning to "flash in a pan" or "fast food!"

There's nothing fancy here, you don't need exotic ingredients, and many are one-pot, loveable meals! Be sure to add some of the simple ingredients to your shopping list. Keep some in your pantry for those times when dinner time threatens and has everyone in the house hollering, "When do we eat??"

3 Delicious Fast And Easy One Pot Wonders Using Ground Beef

Chili Mac and Cheese is an easy dinner recipe that combines two all-time comfort food favorites, mac and cheese, and chili. This recipe, made entirely in one pot, is filled with cheesy, saucy goodness! Kids and grownups alike will love this tasty chili mac and cheese recipe

One Pot Chili Mac and Cheese

fast and fabulous one pot chili mac and cheese

Taco Tuesday just got an upgrade! Why not change up your Taco Tuesday this week with our One Pot Taco Beef and Rice? Here's a taco skillet recipe that’s fast, easy, and delicious! We think it will soon become a family favorite. This recipe delivers all the fabulous flavors of a taco. Eat it on its own, with corn chips, or pile it inside taco shells!

One Pot Taco Beef And Rice

fast and fabulous taco beef and rice

Goulash is as American as Mom and apple pie. Here's the easiest and the most fantastic recipe for classic goulash like your grandma's. Make it in a non-stick skillet with a tight-fitting lid and never, ever have to boil and drain the macaroni. Seasoned just right, it's a favorite of kids of all ages, ready in under 30 minutes! So fast we call it go-go goulash!

Quick And Easy American Goulash In One Pan

fast fabulous goulash

Here's 1 Fast Fabulous Flash In The Pan Salmon Dinner

Soy sauce, fresh garlic, and honey are all it takes to take salmon from average to extraordinary! The super-speedy glaze is fantastic. Garlicky, sweet, and salty, what's not to love? Best of all? This recipe includes ingredients and a timeline for a complete meal, all delicious, with everything ready in under 30 minutes! Boom!

Fabulous Salmon That's On The Table In Twenty Minutes

fastest glazed salmon dinner

2 Speedy Chicken Recipes That Will Make You Want To Lick Your Plate

Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken starts with fork-tender chicken cutlets simmered in a creamy, delicious, wine-kissed sauce. Baby spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, and red onions mean it's packed with loads of flavor. It's a beautiful, colorful presentation. Amazingly, it's easy to make! This entire fast, fantastic meal can be on your table in just thirty minutes!

Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Skillet Recipe

fabulous chicken cutlets

Chicken Curry is one of our favorite fast, fantastic meals. And I mean, it's speedy! The sauce is fast and easy to make, and the warm curry seasoning is not hot and spicy. It's just right. Want to make it lightning-fast? Buy pre-cooked rotisserie flavored chicken in a pouch, or cut up a rotisserie chicken you grab on the way home. It's great with chicken apple sausage, too!

How To Make Chicken Curry In A Hurry

fast chicken curry

1 With Venison Egg Roll In A Bowl It's Gorgeous Tasty And Keto Friendly

Here's a bonus recipe if you have venison on hand! This Eggroll in a Bowl is a super quick colorful cabbage bowl made with a combination of ground venison and pork. (No venison? No worries. Shelby tells you how to substitute.) It's a healthy, keto-friendly take on the Asian Egg Roll without the wrapper and none of the carbs. Amazingly, it's ready in about 20 minutes. How's that for fast and fantastic?

Egg Roll In A Bowl With Ground Venison

fantastic egg roll in a bowl

This old girl has been cooking for over fifty years! How many meals do you suppose I have put on the table in that length of time? Math is not my best subject, and I can't count that high anyway! But every one of them has been made with love!

I hope you find a couple of new favorites here that can become part of your mealtime rotation. You have no idea how much I love hearing from you. I'd be over the moon if you'd share one of your favorite fabulous fast recipes! Happy dinnering, everyone.

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