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Gluten-Free Vegan Chickpea Blondies

Make Amazing Vegan Blondies With Chickpeas


Not Just Healthy And Gluten-Free They Are Delicious I must thank our daughter for sharing this amazing recipe for vegan blondies with me! No sacrifice of flavor in these babies; they are delicious! I would never have tried baking them without tasting them in her kitchen. Karen is experimenting with […]

Vintage Eg and Asparagus Brunch Casserole

Delicious Asparagus And Egg Brunch Casserole


A Wonderful Vintage Recipe From The Old Junior League Cookbook Asparagus season is as fleeting as a junior high romance. So, it’s essential to eat as much fresh asparagus as you can when it is in the season because when it’s over, it’s over! Asparagus will soon be at its […]

cottage cheese salad

Grandpa’s # 1 Favorite Cottage Cheese Salad


This cottage cheese dish was served on the salad bar at a local steakhouse for over sixty years. The establishment opened in 1952, long before the Interstate system connected our country. Highway 30 connected east and west in a ribbon that strung through “Beef country.” Steakhouses dotted the landscape in […]