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Another Awesome Throwback! Classic "Snackage" Since the 1950's!

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Last Modified: November 25, 2018
Published: November 25, 2018

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"I’m not sure where Mom got this recipe but I’ve always loved it so much I never bothered to make another."

I love what food blogger Tricia Buice has to say about this addictive snack. When I ran across her post I begged her to let me share it! This brought back so many delicious memories. I did a quick bit of research and it looks like this originated in about 1955 when one of the Ralston Cereal executive wives served it at a party! That's the company that invented Chex cereals! Think about it! Dwight D. Eisenhower was president and the whole country was smitten with new fangled craze, television! It ushered in a new age for snacking! Everyone wanted something they could eat without interupting their favorite TV show!

It's as delicious now as it was then and HERE Tricia shares the best Chex Mix recipe she ever ate! (I kinda like the name "nuts and bolts" as it was once called! It does look a little bit like a jar of assorted hardware you might find on a garage work bench.)





Sharing is caring!

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