Lunch is the name we give to the mid-day meal. The name comes from luncheon. Years ago in rural areas, the mid-day meal was larger than it is today. It served as fuel for the second half of a hard-working day. It was often accompanied by a little snooze, a practice that continues in many countries to this day.

Lunches long ago were considered to be ladies’ events when women gathered to eat and socialize while the men ate their mid-day meal together at the factory. When the industrial age began, men would carry their lunches to work in tin pails and they often included leftovers for the previous evenings’ meal. Later on, small cafes and food stands cropped up around factories and workers began to eat in them instead.

Lunch today is seldom leisurely. It’s more of a “grab and go” kind of meal to get us through the afternoon. That is why we often think of sandwiches and simple salads that are light and easy to eat.

Hard-boiled eggs, pouches of tuna or chicken are easy to add to a prepackaged salad mix for a light, quick lunch. Another idea is to pack layered salads in wide mouth jars to take along to work.

Leftovers are a great option to take to work. When cleaning up the kitchen after an evening meal, place a small portion in a microwave-safe container you can reheat the next day and add a piece of fruit for a complete mid-day meal.

Wraps and burgers, main dish salads or omelets that include some protein are good choices. Generally, it’s a good idea to avoid eating heavy, spicy, carb-laden, or sugary foods at lunch if we want to remain alert for the rest of the afternoon. Too much sugar or too many carbohydrates create a spike and then a drop in blood sugar which can result in drowsiness and lethargy.

It is a good idea to include a healthy amount of water at lunch because hydration is critical to feeling full and satisfied. It also contributes to better cognition and focus.

delicious runza
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Runzas. A Well-Loved Nebraska Classic


Runzas. Believe me, you’re gonna love ’em. Even if you don’t think you like cabbage. So what the heck is a runza anyway? Well, it’s a classic buttery-beef, savory cabbage-and-onion-filled sandwich. Beloved. In Nebraska there’s even a fast food chain that bears the name. Runzas were born here. In fact […]

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Do-Ahead Busy Day Oven Bunwiches


Years ago I did a little work for a gal who told me about these little marvels. She called them “Andy’s Sandwiches” because every time her grandson came home from college he’d root around in the freezer for some of these tasty bunwiches.