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Naughty But Nice. Cookie Dough Energy Bites.


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Cookie Dough Energy Bites Recipe

cookie dough energy bites

It’s here, ready or not! “The Holidays” are upon us and you know what that means! Temptation at every turn! What if you had a secret weapon that would satisfy your sweet tooth, keep your energy high and your motor humming in high gear during the busy weeks ahead? Ta-da! Here it is! A sweet, chunky, chewy little two-bite wonder. A healthy snack, a nutrional powerhouse that’s a snap to make with ingredients you probably have in your cupboard already! Get creative and mix them up- let your imagination go wild!

These babies are the perfect pick-me-up. They have the power to get you through an afternoon when you’ve totally run out of steam. Better yet, pair them with with your favorite hot beverage! Yes indeed, a moment of pure bliss!

Wait! You know what else? These sweet nuggets are soooo giftable too!! What a unique goodie for a teacher, admin or busy mom! A little naughty but oh so nice! Nestle them in a cute tin or Chinese take out box for a treat anyone would appreciate! (make sure to incude the recipe!)

Thanks to Pinch of Yum for allowing me to share this awesome recipe. Click HERE to get it!  I gotta tell you, I just love food! I’m always, always thinking about cooking and how much I enjoy feeding people! Food is most definitely one of my love languages and I just love sharing it with you! Happy holidays! My wish for you is you’ll find ways to scatter happiness every day because when you do, you always reap much joy!

red take out box

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