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take a bite of French Silk Pie
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French Silk Pie. An American Classic Since 1951


Is French Silk Pie really French? No!! It’s as American as can be. French silk pie is not filled with a pudding, but instead a chocolate mousse consisting of eggs, chocolate, sugar, and butter. (The four basic food groups for dessert!) The name is perfect because this pie really does have the texture of […]


Leftover Ham? Half Fast Homemade Ham and Bean Soup


There will be happy tummies when you make this yummy soup! Thanksgiving can leave us scratching our heads wondering what to do with all those leftovers, especially when you’re sooo over slaving in the kitchen! I get it! I shared a way to use up leftover turkey but what if […]

turkey tetrazzini
Main Dish

Wishing for a New Idea for Leftover Turkey?


Wish you had a new idea for that leftover turkey? Well, your wish has been granted! A classic recipe with a colorful history Luisa Tetrazzini was born in Florence, Italy in 1871 and was famous for her extraordinary operatic vocal technique that enabled her to surmount any vocal challenge with […]

desperation cookies chocolate and peanut butter cookies
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Four Ingredient Desperation Cookie Recipe


It was dark and stormy on Saturday night. And it was really, really cold. We’d had ho-hum leftovers for supper and suddenly we were overcome by craving something sweet. No way did we want to leave the house. The clock ticked. The hankering intensified. We rummaged through the cupboards, nothing. […]

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Naughty But Nice. Cookie Dough Energy Bites.


Cookie Dough Energy Bites Recipe It’s here, ready or not! “The Holidays” are upon us and you know what that means! Temptation at every turn! What if you had a secret weapon that would satisfy your sweet tooth, keep your energy high and your motor humming in high gear during […]

dense, moist apple cake
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Best Ever Fresh Apple Cake Recipe


Fresh apple cake is synonymous with fall, isn’t it? Many years ago, my husband’s Grandma Frieda Haeker passed along her special recipe. I chased her down after a family get-together to get it. I look back with so much fondness to the days when families gathered more often. Depending on […]

baked rhubarb crumble

Delightfully Sweet and Tangy Rhubarb Crumble


Rhubarb! You irresistible scamp! How I love your saucey tartness! Rhubarb has been used for centuries as a sort of health tonic. The benefits touted include everything from aiding digestion to preventing Altzheimers! (I’ll take two please!) We have a couple of venerable old plants that yield an abundance of […]